Friday, September 8, 2017

Iceteks forum migration

Almost 4 years later and I still have not done this. Honestly I will take the blame here, I just got lazy and kept putting it on the back burner. I really need to get this done.

I am really really hoping to have it done by Christmas this year. Yeah, I said that like 3 years ago. There is not really much work left to do, mostly I just need drill through and get it done, the test, test and test again. There's some things that are going to be different than a traditional forum, such as the use of a separate custom authentication system. There's also a few misc things such as uogateway that I want to tie in to that system. Basically I am creating a basic API for logins. So of course I need to take security in mind etc too. Not super complicated but still requires some thought and lot of testing.

I will be starting to build a shed whenever it's not raining, on the days that it's raining then I hope to put progress on the forum.

The basic foundation has been started.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Random update

The iceteks forum is kinda on the back burner, I just end up always being side tracked with other stuff or getting lazy, but don't worry, it's on the agenda. Eventually.

Since I never really think of posting on here I'll probably eventually close the blog (I'll keep it up for historical reasons) but I will use the forum as a blog instead, because I'll probably be like the only person posting on it anyway. :P The downside of using a service like this is I have no control over it. Forum at least I have control.

As a total side note, since my last post I had time to grow a pretty epic beard and then shave it. Will probably grow another. I might make it a winter thing. I'm kinda happy how it ended up! This was 4 months in:

I also got a drone! (no I did not use it to shave with, but I did almost give myself a haircut when I tried to use it inside the house)

Also insulated my basement, sorta looking forward to winter just so I can see how much of a difference it makes. Still need to do the crawlspace and laundry room though. Laundry room is kinda tricky as I need to redo plumbing. Was not thinking, and went and installed the pipes in the wall. I should have surface mounted them instead.

See you next year, probably!