Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm still alive

Figured I should put something here this year.

Forum migration Status: haha very funny... I barely touched it, I really need to get off my butt and finish that, it's been years now. I just tend to get tied up with other stuff. But trust me it's on the agenda, and I did not forget.

I've been working on migrating stuff off my old and first server, Borg. It was commissioned in 2008, though I believe it was actually comissioned before that, it's just that the current install is from 2008. That server did everything from local email, web apps, file storage, VMs, DNS, etc.... Most of that stuff has been virtualized, except for mail. Mail is always a beast. The old server uses Unix accounts, which is kinda dirty. Basically I'd just create a unix account for each email. My online server uses virtual users, which is much better to manage. Since the spam, special rules, and stuff of that nature is handled by the home server, the online server does not have much rules. A couple RBLs to get rid of some of the major spam but the rest is handled by the home server. Per mailbox ruless + virtual users proved to be an issue. It seems it's just not doable. You either spam filter ALL mail, or none. There's a solution called Sieve, but even that solution does not seem to support sending mail to a 3rd party app. For example the post bot for (hahahahaha that's another thing I need to update, the front page generating script broke years ago and it's stuck in 2014 and I never fixed it) So...... I need to write my own mail transport. Basically a mail transport is a program that takes incoming mail and delivers it to the right mailbox, and possibly does other things to it. Postfix has a basic virtual user mail transport, Sieve is one but there arn't any premade ones to do what I want. Thankfully they appear easy to write, as it just needs to grab data from standard input which something like cin.get() can do.

So that's that, once that's done, I will work on the forum migration. The migration itself is not really that complicated, it's mostly just the planing as I only want to do it once. There will be a central account system that is separate from the forum, as any other service I start will point to that system, so I need to code that too. Given it's something to do with security I obviously need to ensure it's robust. Unlike all the corporations that keep leaking and selling users' info, I actually care about my users' privacy.

Oh, and LASIK: Been over a year, will be 2 this summer. Still seeing great. Still have starbursts and halos but I think they are slowly going away. still have floaters but don't notice them as much as before unless I think about it. Even then I really have to look for it. As I type this on a white screen it's not even noticeable. Overall still super happy with surgery, so nice to not have glasses.

So that's that, I might make another update some time this year. :P

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