Sunday, November 16, 2014

LASIK: ~5 months later

Still seeing awesome. Now that winter is in full swing, I'm seeing even more benefits of no glasses. No fog blindness when entering a building, no snow getting in the lenses when brushing car or shovelling or going outside during blowing snow. It's the little things that really add up to make it worth it. I still see halos and starbursts at night, and now that it's winter I don't have a choice but to try at night all the time. Dark when I get up and dark when I'm done work, whether I'm working day shift or night shift. The halos have really improved though. I'd say it's 30% of what it was. The star bursts are still kind of bad when there are incoming headlights. It makes it a bit dangerous as if a pedestrian was to randomly jwalk I probably would not see them. Hard to tell though, maybe I would. I definitely drive more carefully and watch for pedestrians a lot more. I think the star burst and halos will continue to improve so I'm not that concerned. Even if it was to not go away completely, all the benefits still make it worth it. I would not let the halo/starbursts discourage anyone from getting it done, it's a small price to pay really, and I'm really picky about my vision. The glasses used to annoy the hell out of me such as specs or smudges etc. but the halos arn't as bad as that. It only happens at night. The only way I can really notice it during the day is if I look at a bright light that has a dark background, like a bright LED or something. But if I look at say, a regular light fixture, since it's generating a diffuse light on the surface around it, I don't see a halo at all, I just see it normally. So as far as looking at a computer screen or TV or something it's not any different than before. Originally when I'd look at white text on black background I'd see a halo around it, but I don't see that anymore or at least, have not really noticed it anymore. Overall, still very happy with the surgery. Also I don't think I ever mentioned where I got it done, I should probably mention it. It was at Dr. Sorgini in Sudbury, Ontario. Highly recommend.


Unknown said...

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