Saturday, July 12, 2014

LASIK: 4 weeks later

Went to my post op appointment at my local doctor a few weeks ago, vision was 20/20 both eyes, and everything looked good. I no longer need to wear the eye patch at night, and while I am still very careful to not rub my eyes, I think I've reached the point where I don't actually have to worry about it any more. I have another appointment in a few days. Vision is still good, I still get halos and starbursts at night, but I think it may be reducing, it's hard to tell. I was told it can take months, so not too worried. Since it's summer, unless I'm staying somewhere very late I don't really need to be driving at night anyway, and by the time it gets dark enough there is less traffic. One downside I found out about through research is that LASIK can give you floaters. Unfortunately I have some, and they are very annoying when looking at anything with a white or otherwise light background. Thankfully I don't notice them if I'm watching TV or anything that has lot of variations and is not just a flat colour. I will have to ask about that, and I hope it eventually goes away. I did have floaters before but they were way less pronounced and did not always show up, these seem like they're permanently in place. Overall I'm still very happy with the results though, not needing glasses is incredibly nice.

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