Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have not updated this in ages, so here's a basement update: Crawlspace framed and drycore tiles installed: Basement framed:

Laundry room plumbing and framing:


(Removed all copper piping as it is in the way, added nailing blocks, since no room to put top plate due to all the pipes)

Rest of dricore:

Server room before:

Server room after:

New electrical panel, only 15a for now but I'll run a bigger feeder later on (need to upgrade main, no more room for conduit)



Battery disconnects


This is all done for now. I have a clean floor to walk on now, and I can start doing electrical throughout the basement any time. Once that is done I will get it spray foamed and then drywall. Have not decided yet on what kind of floor I want to put in, but probably laminate. That will come later. Right now it's pretty much at a state that I want. The insulation and drywall will complete that.
The server room is also nicely cleaned up now compared to before. Next thing I want to spend money on is a new VM server.

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screeb said...

Hiya Red!

I came across your blog while (get this) doing an image search for UPS's using car batteries.
After poking around a bit, I have to say, Awesome job!

I have bookmarked you, and will "follow" as soon as i can figure out how :)

Tim (aka screeb)