Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More progress on the basement

Have not been working on this every day, but I put in some time in the past few days and got more progress done.  The framing for the crawlspace is almost done.  Longest part is the top and bottom plates, once those are in the rest is pretty fast.  I just have the studs to put for one length and that's it.  Then I can put in the drycore! 

Can't wait to be done working in there, it's hard on the knees and back!   Once the crawlspace is done I can start on the actual basement part as well as the server room.  The more fun stuff.  

Was using tapcons to put the bottom plate but it was taking bloody ages, so I decided to get THIS.  Very fun tool to use!

Jig I made to quickly measure for studs

Back of crawlspace studs done

Let's play a game!  Spot the plumbing issue.  Little oopsie there by my contractor from a while back.  At least he did not notch the hell out of those joists...  he did what he could.