Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Slowly starting on basement

My basement is currently bare with rough, dusty, dirty concrete floor that is uncleanable, and cinder block walls that leak lot of air. This year's goal is to stud the walls, and put down dricore for a cleaner walking surface.  Part of this project will also be to do the server room. Rack cable management, power, hot/cold isle air flow, etc... 

Got my supplies in a couple weeks ago, boy was that a job to haul all that in the house!  The delivery service only puts the skid down, they don't help bring it in.  Probably for liability reasons.

That's 170 2x4's and a full skid of dricore. A skid contains 120 pieces and weighs 1000lbs.

I left the other skid outside since a snow storm was starting and I was so weak I was nearly dropping them on the floor while working on the last skid.

 Next morning...

All moved!

Was not taking into account just how much weight I was putting on my floor... so I ended up moving them in the basement a few days later.  I just needed that couple day break to regain energy again.

Have a few smaller projects to tackle before I start such as moving a floor drain close to the furnace so I can run the condensate directly to it, and also remove an old pipe that was capped off. 

First time today soldering copper pipe!