Friday, October 12, 2012

Strep throat sucks

I'm on day 4 of this nasty virus.

Day1: slight sore throat, but a bad feeling it's more than just a sore throat.  Was at work when it started so I finished my shift.  By the time I got home the clinic was closed.  12 hour day shift 7am-7pm. 

Day2: wokeup with worse sore throat, fever, and sinus pressure galore.  Called in sick, went to clinic, waited at least 5 hours just so I can get a prescription.  Went home, took it, killed some time, went to bed.

Day3: Sick day again.  Throat no longer feels bad but the fever and runny nose is still there.

Today, day 4: Better but still not 100%.  Boss said to not worry and just stay home.

Right now it's just the nose and ear blockage and general sinus pressure that's a pain.  Hopefully this clears up by tomorrow.  Taking all sorts of drugs.  None seem to do much.  Tempted to make a vacuum hose to straw reducer connector and hookup vacuum to nose. But that would definitely kill the filter.

Off for a few days, so at least I don't have to call in sick for a while.  Hopefully things will clear up by my next set of shifts.  Hate missing this much work. 

Also, coding while drugged up and not feeling well is probably not the best idea. Deploying said code to production server is probably even worse idea.  Why do I do these things?  Guess I some way to keep busy between sleep.  I've been trying to not go to bed too early otherwise I wake up at like 4am with a runny nose and it's impossible to get back to sleep.

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