Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally started on my custom desk

Been procrastinating because it was too hot, well I waited a bit too long since now it's winter.  Or at least it sure feels like it outside.  My garage is not insulated or sealed from the outside.... project for another day.

So anyway, first thing first is I built some saw horses so I can have a place to work, and a few rigs so I can measure once, then cut any amount that is the exact same size.  Basically it's a rig that slides and clamps into place and acts as a stop when I place a piece of wood on the mitre saw.  So if I do missmeasure by a few mm at least it will be consistent throughout all the pieces that have to be that size.    I'm still fairly new at this and one thing that always gets me is where on the line to cut, and also the thickness of the blade.  All things that can slightly make your measurement off. 

Wood that will be used:

That nice piece of plywood is presanded and will be the top.  I will most likely stain + varnish.

Unfortunately most of the 2x4's ended up like this...

Hoping to smooth out those edges at least and once it's sanded and painted,  the bad pieces used on part of the desk that will face the wall, it wont be as bad.

One support piece done:

Built 3 of those which will be the main supports.  I was getting cold so stopped there for now.   Not sure what's worse, doing this in summer with sweat pouring down, or doing this in winter when everything I touch is so cold!

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