Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 is the year of the Linux desktop

... For me, that is.  I have been contemplating for many years on making the switch to Linux as my main desktop operating system, and finally decided to take the plunge in a not so smooth journey.

Not so smooth, not because of Linux, but because of Windows!  So I decided I wanted to do a dual boot with my existing (new) Windows 7 install so I can ease into Linux and if I need to get something done real quick I can just go back in Windows, at least until I get myself setup in Linux.  Wellllll, they sure don't make dual booting as easy as it used to be.  Naturally, first step to a dual boot is I resized the windows partition and move it over to make room for Linux. Before installing any distro I decide to make sure I can boot into Windows.  This is where things get hairy.  I get a very generic  error that windows failed to boot.  Gee thanks Microsoft.  "Windows failed to boot" is as generic as an error gets.  It does say to run a repair, but the CD says that this version of Windows is not compatible with the CD.  O RLY? It's the same CD I used to install it!  So I figure, I'll deal with this later, I'll start testing out different Linux distros.

I wanted to go with an Ubuntu flavor because of the great package support and overall great support it has, even though I'm typically a RH guy.  One thing I noticed as well is Nvidia sucks when it comes to Linux.  The screen was flashing and it was VERY irritating to go through the install process.  I could not even use the live CD to poke around because it felt like I was going to get a seizure. It was pretty awful.   I just wanted to go through the install as fast as possible so I can go sit down and watch TV or something and come back when it's done.

Long story short I tried Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Lubuntu and liked them all but prefered Xubuntu so decided to go with that.

Back to Windows, I decided that if I move back the partitions like it was, maybe it will work. So I delete the Linux partitions and move everything back like it was.  Nope, still wont boot.  Long story short I tried all sorts of stuff but could not get it to boot. So I finally decide it's time to accept my losses, and I just delete the windows partition with the intention of reinstalling it and starting from scratch.  Well, suddenly, it no longer wants to install at all on this machine.  This is what I get:

I will be buying another SSD so I can try installing it on it's completely own drive, to see if I get better results. 

So yeah windows really does not play nice with dual booting like it used to.  I know it can be done as I've heard of people doing it, it's just not as easy as before.  I should have planed this ahead of time and leave extra room when I installed it the first time.  Probably would have been ok that way. 

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