Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More progress on HVAC control system

Started pulling wire today. Also decided to change up a bit the way I run wire around the house. Instead of just hanging in screw eyes and tie wraping any new cabling on the existing cabling that's passed through the screw eye (normally only one can fit) I decided that I will run a metal wire in the screw eye, pass the first wire into the screw eye, but use velcro straps to hold additional wires. The metal wire also acts as something to strap wire to between joists to prevent hang. So I did that today as well.

Wired the first sensor into the thermostat, so it's more or less hidden. I decided to make the sensor part itself stick out on the outside, for a more accurate temp reading. The thermostat will remain as a backup and be wired in parallel for the heat only.

After I took that pic I realized I wired it wrong, The orange and brown/white wires are mixed up. Mostly mentioning this in case I come back and look at this in the future.... lol. I just made my own "standard" that I will follow for each sensor. Will make future troubleshooting easier. The sensors have 3 wires, so I just assigned each one to a color.

And here's some runs (some of those are existing Ethernet runs).

Crawlspace data run, the one going to the far end is actually existing Ethernet, the one going behind the light is for the sensor.

A run to the outside sensor. I will leave it coiled up at the end till summer. I don't really want to work outside in this weather, and I doubt any glue/cement I use would cure properly anyway. My plan is to have a small pipe go outside and have a down elbow with a cap and a couple holes in it. The sensor will reside at the tip of the pipe and the rest will be filled with insulation and caulked in. Will provide weather proofing for the sensor. I specifically chose a north wall which should provide an accurate reading. Most of these sensors are just for extra informational readings, more than anything. Though they will be used in some logic as I improve the control application.

Din rail with the terminal blocks. They are all labeled to make it easy to identify each conductor.

Hoping to more or less finish this up tomorrow, if not, next week. I'm off tomorrow but then start work again the next day. I still have one more wire run to do for the upstairs sensor. I bought a LED wallmount light which I'll be using to mask the sensor into, and the light itself may come in handy in the event of a power outage or what not.


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