Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More HVAC system pics

Some more pics:

Mounted control board and soldered in all the wires. Idealy I would have loved to make it terminal blocks instead but never even thought of ordering some direct mount ones when I did my order for the other stuff. I will try to find a piece of transparent plastic to use as the cover.

Can now control furnace with my playbook or any wifi device

I thought this was rather genius...

Conveniently this is a great location for an emergency light, or just a light to look inside the closet beside it.

Server room sensor (this "room" is basically my basement at this point)

Return duct sensor

Supply duct sensor

Top view of rack where the control board sits on a shelf and the DIN rail is mounted on top. The actual server is closer to the middle and not shown, it's a little 1U SuperMicro server.

And lastly, here's a pic of the front end. I will probably tweak it more over time and make it look nicer.

We're int he middle of a heat wave right now so wont get to use this to it's full extent for another couple days, but in a way it's a good thing as I need to do a simulation test for a few days anyway before letting it activate the relays. Though I'm 99% sure I sorted out the issue now.

I also need to hookup the outside sensor but I'll wait till summer for that.

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