Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Almost done HVAC Control app

More or less done the back end and front end now. There's still more testing and tweaking to do, but so far it's looking good.

I decided to omit the algorithm to determine when the furnace should actually start based on a scheduled time. Figured I should ensure that what I have works and then throw that feature in afterwards.

I'll finish up the tweaking tomorrow and then next time I'm off I'll start on the wiring. I ordered 4 more sensors so they should hopefully arrive by then.

I'll have one in the living room, upstairs, server room, furnace return duct, furnace supply duct and one outside. I'm debating on instead of putting one outside, I can just use data from the weather channel. Though real time actual temp would be kind of cool.

This is what the main interface looks like:

The living room sensor is not actually installed so that reading is from the sensor just sitting in the server room crocodile clipped to the circuit board. It looks good on my Playbook too and is easily usable. I will probably do a "dry run" test for a couple weeks before I do the final hookup to the furnace. I'm paranoid about it randomly dropping the serial/usb connection with the relay turned on. Could be disastrous if it happens when I'm not home. Since I'm not using the USB extender now it has not dropped though, so think I'm good.

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