Friday, January 27, 2012

DIN rails, wire and DIN terminal connectors

This stuff came in today, which will be used for this hvac project, and possibly other future stuff.

The DIN rail will be screwed into the server rack and treated like a patch panel for misc sensor/electrical connectivity. Basically anything that does not really have a plug type. For now I'll only be controlling the furnace, and I'll only have 2 thermal sensors. One where the existing thermostat is, and the other I'm not sure yet. Either the server room, or outside, but winter is not an ideal time to be putting holes in outside walls. The circuit board can handle 6 sensors in total so I may put the second sensor indoors and wait till summer to order more and put one outside.

Once the outside temperature sensor is installed my program will be able to use that to better control the furnace start times based on the schedule. For example the app will know to start the furnace 1 hour before a schedule based on the outside and indoor temp.

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