Friday, October 21, 2011

Learn from my fail ...and FML

When restoring a SQL database to a temp database so you can manually extract data, ensure that the backup job does not generate a database file that includes the original database name in it, causing it to restore to live instead.

Hopefully nobody got any uber rare artifacts today, because they are now gone.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What to do with an old power supply and ethernet cables?

The answer is: magnetize screwdrivers! Oh, and you'll want a piece of PVC pipe or something.

Remind me not to store my screwdrivers and hard drives in the same box. I kinda went overboard with this, and I have more Ethernet wire left. My goal is to reach around 5 ohms or so. Right now it's about 1.5 ohms, so without measuring I'm guessing that's pulling about 8 amps off the 12 volt rail. It gets hot enough if I leave it on too long it burns out. (this is coil #2!) It only takes about 10 seconds to charge a screwdriver to the point of being able to pickup a bunch of screws at once. As long as it can pickup one, it's usually good enough.

As a side note, they sure don't make stuff like they used to. This is what happened when I went to unplug a new Christmas light set:

Oops. Definitely a good idea that I'm installing a GFCI outlet for that.