Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gimme my new job!

I got accepted for a new position April 14 2011... it's now almost September 1st. The IT manager here is being more and more of an asshole with me latetly. Get me out of this place! The beauty of the new job is it wont be customer facing. Sooooo looking forward to it.

Today he starts freaking out because a user could not login to their mail, so I check into it, turns out they were part of a list to be deleted, so I restored it. He starts flipping out that I did not contact him, well... if he had used the proper process of putting in a ticket instead of just barging in here like a mental, then maybe I would of had a call back number. Then he starts flipping out at me for not putting the contact information in the account. woah woah there asshole, I'm not even the one that created that account, and it's not my fault HR does not provide the information half the time. DIAF. I so wish I could tell him off sometimes. He can be an asshole towards us, and we just have to take it up the ass. Sick of this. It's sad how people like him can have enough power to get away with this verbal abuse.

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