Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Randomness about Linux

I've always liked Linux for it's superior robustness especially when it comes to automation. Compared to Windows it is so easy to automate tasks as everything is command line friendly and usually natively command line. GUI stuff simply calls command line applets. There are lot of high end tools such as rsync for backups, and bash scripting for advanced conditional based automated scripting, which is far superior than Windows batch files. Powershell is an improvement by Microsoft, but it is an add-on, so to me that does not count. You can't write a powershell script, send it to a friend, and have them execute it, or use it as a login script. The PC wont have the program installed.

Today, I decided to convert my Open Filer box to a straight Linux box, to manage the raids manually. While Open Filer is pretty good, I found it lacked certain things such as being able to grow raid 5 arrays from the GUI. I found myself in the command line half the time doing stuff the GUI could not do. Figured I may as well do it all from command line. I may also use the box for something else. Debating on DHCP. Speaking of which, ever do a HA setup in Windows for DHCP? Pure nightmare and just overall tedious. Linux is so much easier.

This is another great thing about Linux. Being open source, anyone can take it, modify it (such as make a distribution like Open Filer) and redistribute it. Heck if I wanted to I could probably add that functionality in Open Filer and redistribute it. There's no copyright, no patents, none of that crap. You are free to do what you want and nobody is going to penalize you for it. This opens tons of doors when it comes to custom solid solutions.

Some people are highly against Linux in corporate environments "Because it's free and there's no support" (which is false, plenty of distros that come with optional support). Yet, lot of corporate systems are actually based on it! VMware ESX/i just as an example. Lot of embedded devices are also based on it. The reason they do this is because they can. Try that with Windows. It will be cumbersome, and have licensing issues.

Linux FTW.

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