Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crawlspace lighting

I have a crawlspace under my garage which is accessible from the main crawlspace under the lower half of the house. It has no lighting and I occasionally go in there to vacuum up all the spider webs. It is very tedious as I need to bring a lamp with me and the wires get all tangled up along with the hose of the vacuum. So I decided it's time to install lighting. I also will be hiring a spray foam company to insulate it so I'm actually doing them a favor by having the lights there.

When I first bought the house, the crawlspace looked like this:

This is a pic of when I first bought the house. I had went in there at one point after I bought it, so this time it was not as bad.

I have a phobia of spider webs. Not spiders, but spider webs. They just look so creepy, and I screem like a little girl if I come into contact with one. They just feel so eerie. Meanwhile, I don't mind picking up spiders or squishing them with my finger. Figure that one out.

So after slowly moving through that area with the shop vac I cleaned it all of webs and proceeded with the install.

Started off by installing some boards to mount the electrical on, just easier that way.

This crack and a few others made it a little scary working under there. In rebar I trust.

There used to be one switch here for the main crawlspace (below). Decided to feed the new crawlspace lights off the same circuit and add it's own switch.

Added a conduit to go through the wall (garage crawlspace on other side). Eventually I will add studs to this wall and drywall it, so I will secure the wire at that point. I will probably also spray some foam in that conduit just to seal it. Minor details.

Lights installed. 2 bulbs on this side of the beam...

...And two more on the other side. Those are 26w CFLS which are equivalent to 100w incad.

Since I had previously cleaned the spider webs and I could freely move around in there without catching one in the face, I also added an ounce of cyonara 9.7 in a gallon of water and sprayed all surfaces. That should greatly cut down on spiders and other bugs.

More pics


PestMan said...

I am not a fan of spiders' webs either. Now, I'm not going to be picking up spiders with my hands, but their webs are definitely creepy. There are many things that can get caught up in crawl space insulation that are creepy to me.

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