Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Server rack update

Added the SAN, which was decommissioned and was headed to the trash, so they let us take it after erasing all data and breaking the raids. I still need to decide how I want to use it. It would cost too much to run it all the time, but I might use one enclosure on it's own and rest for temp test environments or archiving, or something. Just need to figure out how to actually interface with it, as it is fiber channel and I've never played with that before. I also moved my patch panel from the wall to the rack.

SAN (before switch was installed)

Back, bottom (click for bigger image)

Back, top (click for bigger image)
Ever hear of "router on a stick"? Well how about "modem on a string"?

Front view

Also moved my equipment over. This is temporary until I can get a rackmount case for my server, and possibly a shelf. I also plan to run more electrical circuits and have better cable management. Instead of power bars or a PDU I will probably have a wall of receptacles on both sides, split across 4 15 amp circuits per side. Some outlets will be UPS protected, some won't, giving me better flexibility. I will get some 2 foot power cords to connect everything.

I think I'm pretty much done for now. I don't really want to play with the SAN until I get some kind of KVM solution for the server as I think I will need to go into the BIOS of the HBA card to configure stuff, while it's connected to the SAN.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Finally got my server rack

Was a long wait, but Santa (the Purolator guy) has delivered!

I need to go to home depot tomorrow to get some concrete anchor bolts to bolt it down, then I can decide on an exact location and bolt it down and start adding equipment to it!

Then my next step is to convert my main server to rackmountable, then get a rackmountable switch etc... baby steps. This stuff's expensive, but it will be worth it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Acronis > Filezilla

I really like to use open source / free software where I can, but disk imaging is an area I have trouble doing so. There are not too many solutions out there. I tried clonezilla as it seems to be the most popular. All I wanted to do is image a 19GB SCSI drive with a Linux install on it. There's not even any raid involved. After 2 tries of failing for no reason other then "something went wrong", I decided to pop my Acronis disc in to image this drive. 5 minutes later, I have a backup image of that server.

Think this copy of acronis was worth every penny. It's actually one of the only programs I actually paid for. :D It was reasonably priced at the time so figured why not.

Got a broken TV for free

Basically you hit the power button and nothing happens. I know nill when it comes to electronics, but my first suspicion here is that it's either the fuse, or a lose wire in the power supply area.

So I open the baby up, locate the fuse, take it out, test it, bingo, it's dead. Then I figure, it must have blown for a reason, but on the other hand, the power at the location it came from is VERY flaky, so maybe it was just a surge or brownout.

I get a pair of crocodile clips to jumper the terminals as a final test to see if everything else works ok. I make sure the power switch is off, plug in the power cord, stand back, plug it into my extension cord, nothing happens. Good, since there should not be anything that happens. I unplug it, turn the switch on, plug it in. ZZZZZZZZZAPOOF!! With a series of sparks and crazy palatine force effects all around a toroid, and then the magic smoke poofs away. At this point I unplugged it fast thinking "woah, that was pretty cool". It's the last show that will ever play on that TV. :giggle: At this point any damage done would probably not evne be worth fixing even if I knew what I was doing.

TV opened: