Thursday, July 8, 2010

RSA Support = a joke

So today I had a very simple question about the RSA log files. Something that any sane employee there should be able to answer me in about 5 minutes.

So I go on their site hoping they have an email or form I can fill to ask the question. Nope, everything that says support wants me to log in to something. I'm a server tech, I have nothing to do with licensing, sales or w/e, why would I evne have a username and password? As much as it would be nice... So I contact sales instead and they direct me to tech support.

So I call the tech support number. I tell them my company name and the serial number, so at that point you'd think she'd know I am a valid customer for that company I stated I was from, given I also gave the serial, which they should have in their records.

She refuses to answer my question, before I can tell her who's name it was purchased under. How the hell am I suppose to know, I'm not the one that bought it, I just support it!

After telling her about 20 names of people that work for my company that may possibly have been involved, none matched. So I put her on hold while my coworker checks some old emails thinking the name was in a CC.

I tell her a few names, no go. Then she says "I'm sorry but I can't waste time all day with this. Please call back when you have the right info." *click*

Yep, they hung up on me! So my coworker calls again, and a case number is opened this time. But remember this simple question? Nope, she could not answer it. (I think it was the same person, but not 100% sure)

In fact, this is where it gets really weird, she asks for what version I have. I ask her where I can find that info. She says that for security reasons she can't tell me. WTF, what do you mean for security reasons? I may know how to get into the Pentagon (unlock doors, walk through) but it does not mean that I can get in. If I don't have access, I don't have access. Telling me to go to the system manager and clicking on something is not going to reveal anything that could compromise security! If I did happen to be some random person calling, I would not have access to the appliance.

At the end of all this I end up having a case number opened and an engineer will call me.

Yeah, apparently at RSA, they need to send an engineer to answer a very simple question. Unreal.

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