Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big ass spider

I found this earlier today. It took quite a bit of effort to kill it. After spraying it for at least 10 seconds, it just kept climbing the wall. I finally ended up flicking it across the room then crushing it with a stick.

That mortar line is about 1/2 thick, just to put it into perspective.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Interesting Evening

So yesterday was quite the interesting evening. I get home with intention of polishing off my AC unit's window venting panel, which went fairly well. During this time I noticed the internet was out. I rebooted my equipment and all but figured there was issues going on. Called the help desk and they were having major issues. So I decided to go to Canadian Tire to buy some wire so I can run a dedicated outlet for my AC unit.

I get home, internet still out, but I decide mow the lawn real quick as it looked like it was going to rain. I did it just in time then went back in to see how well the AC cooled the office. I decided to change a setting on it for the oscillation and poof, power goes out. I think maybe the breaker tripped, but then heard my UPS which is on another circuit, go as well. I confirmed it was the whole house, and not the main breaker.

I wait an hour or two, by this time it's dark. I decide it might be smart to call the hydro company as it seems it's only my street. They tell me they have no reports of an outage so they'll send someone to check it out. About half an hour or so later, I see a truck pull in and two guys with flashlights come out, they go to one of the poles a few houses down and are flashing their lights into it and talking.

Then I hear some metalic clicking as they (I assume) reach to bring the power back on. POOF! some sparks followed by a bit of profanities. They leave, I assume to go get another pole fuse. They come back, similar situation, then I hear and see a momentary arc flash. I actually heard some noises in the house. Assuming it was appliances kicking back on for a split second and going back off. This is why I always set computers to stay off if they are powered off.. don't want a bunch of on/off's.

Then maybe 5 minutes later I hear a click, and the power was restored on the street. It was kinda neat to see what they were doing, and being able to anticipate the power coming back.

I'm nervous every time I touch my AC now!