Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another successful DIY project

I don't have AC, but figured if I can at least get the blower to run it would help circulate the air. So I proceeded by buying some 5 conductor thermostat wire. Only need 3 for that, but if I do get AC later on, then at least I don't have to run wire again.

The wire had to be fished from the thermostat, down the wall, into the return, then in the crawlspace, and finally to the furnace. Getting the wire down the wall was tricky and I ended up having to drill a hole upwards from inside the intake (very awkward trying to operate a drill this way!) then had to make a small hole in the drywall so I could catch the wire with my fingers and direct it to the hole. The 2-conductor wire was actually passing between the drywall and the horizontal stud above the return. The bigger wire did not fit here. This is the part that took the longest.

The wire connections I had to do were:

(from thermostat to furnace)

G to G
RH to R
W to W

At the thermostat RC and RH are also jumpered together. I tried without, but then the fan would not work. The heat worked fine without that though.

Also, at first I thought it was not working, since when I set the heat on, and go push on the panel safety cut off switch, it would start up in a recovery mode and not start the heat but just the blower. After realizing this, and putting the panel back on, then setting heat or fan, they both worked.

Since it's hot (and does not help that I tested a heat cycle!) I have the fan running now and I have cool air coming out. Not AC, but better then nothing.

My next step is to look at adding a basement return that can be toggled on/off through some kind of "Y" damper setup.

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