Saturday, May 8, 2010


So I got dragged into fixing someone's PC again. It has Vista on it, and it's FILLED with crap, and Vista mail or w/e it's called pretty much screwed up the user's profile and Outlook wont even start.

Given it's so full of crap, and it's Vista, I decided to do a clean install. There is like 20 exclamation marks of hardware that is so proprietary windows does not even know what type of device it is. The HP site is completely useless since they only give the network driver, which does not even work. What a sack of crap. I found a bunch of drivers on other sites, none of them work. I'm glad I took an image of the Vista install since as ugly as it would be to go back to that, I may have no choice but to do so, and just give it back as is.

Feeding this laptop with 240 volts AC would be very satisfying right about now. Oops, it just stopped working, and I don't know what that smell is, but it can't be good!

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