Thursday, October 8, 2009

Servers moved to new house!

Today I setup my parent's to be able to work "off the grid" as in, without needing the server. I have started to format them a new raid 1 NAS for pictures/backups, and installed a new router. Then I brought home all the rest of my equipment such as my two remaining servers - my main server, Borg, and my external dev server, extsrv (yeah very original name :P)

Cat sleeping while I work away on finalizing jacks etc. She is not liking the fact that I'm trying to save on heating costs!

Powered up borg on my PC support desk to ensure it is still operational (wont be able to see once I move it downstairs - no monitor keyboard or mouse!)

extsrv, my other server. Need to test that one as well.

UPS and networking equipment setup. I put a vapor barrier so I don't get too much moisture on the equipment.

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