Monday, October 5, 2009

More progress on the infrastructure

Today I started to pull some cat6 cable - 6 in total, 1 for a phone jack and the rest will be ethernet. All 6 will be terminated to a patch panel.

More pics here


M said...

It looks pretty cool. And I noticed that you are aiming to host some servers. I've always wondered about few things about it. Since you seems to be a pro, may I ask something?
Do you know what internet connection does the private ISPS use? Do they have their own networks or they just use some major ones?
And on what connection are you planning to host your servers? And is it's expensive?


Red Squirrel said...

Oh I have far from the required connection for all this. It's all internal stuff. I have a few low bandwidth external servers such as a sandbox UO server but that's about it. We can only get like 5mbps down 512k up here, so not really server hosting material.