Saturday, October 3, 2009

Basement almost ready to house infrastructure

Been removing all the moldy drywall, insulation and even the studs. I was originally going to keep the studs until I found out they used 2x2s instead of 2x4s!

I still need to vacuum and clean the floor as the dirt from the drywall and other work has embedded itself right in the cement. Once this is done I can then setup my servers down there along with the patch panel.

This is what the basement was like before. (there's other pictures in that gallery as well)

Here are some pictures of the work I've been doing in past 2 weeks or so:

This is when I initially started. At first I was doing it with an utility knife and just trying to knock pieces out with a hammer. Was not going that well as I was producing lot of small pieces and tons of dust which is harder to clean up.

Removed more drywall and removed the non load bearing pier that was against the brick. Was just there to make the corner uniform.

Then, I got the idea of cutting a jig saw blade so it's just the right size to cut through the drywall. I cut it so only the back paper would remain, so it was fairly easy to rip bigger pieces out. It was still hard because of the nails, but at least it was not screws! Normally screws are used so modern drywall would be much harder to remove I think.

The ceiling was the easiest as gravity did most of the work, and the force was concentrated evenly so less breaking of drywall.

Just started, and the pile was getting pretty big already.

Feels good to see that old wallpaper gone, even if it's the whole drywall with it! Probably going to leave it like this as this will be where most of the cable distribution will happen. The patch panel will also be installed there.

Added the main phone jack feed and the future cable TV feed. That plug currently goes nowhere.

Yay, my cabling came in! That was a week ago, and I still did not get around to installing any of it. :p

Continuing with the drywall... started to get some progress with my new method. Still not THAT easy, but at least I get fairly sized pieces that are easier to haul out. The insulation, vapor barrier and yes, even tar paper, adds more to the pile though.

Patch panel arrived! Should be able to install that soon.

With much more drywall removed the pile was getting pretty big!

This was last night, the walls are now down! Lots to haul out today, which is done thankfully...

A sign of relief as the wall looks in decent condition. There's only a few minor mortar cracks and holes from the nails (yes, they nailed the studs on the bricks!)

Just need to clean the floor and small debris now then it will be ready to paint, which will happen when I have more money.

More pictures can be found here, and more are always being added.

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