Saturday, June 6, 2009

House pictures

I took some inside and outside pics of my house to show how it looks like before I do any kind of work on it. There are lot of freaky stuff that needs addressed asap and it's starting to look like a money pit, but one thing at a time, and I got about 16k to play with after I put the down payment, so think I'll be good!

Lets start with outside pics:

Right side of house walk way and hedges.

Old concrete deck. This has got to go. I never used a jack hammer before, and this is probably where I will learn.

Cable TV troubleshooting 101, and introduction to cement repair.

Now for some inside pictures:


Kitchen table:


No, seriously, I've never seen a spider this HUGE in this town. I killed it.

It gets even more creepy, this is under the garage:

I have a phobia of spider webs, think I'll shine some lights in that whole crawlspace and take those down with a long long stick! Then paint.

There is much more pics here.

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