Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here's an interesting, and somewhat sad story about my neighbor who's neglected his life. He was very weird and did not mow his lawn or shovel his stairs, or even clean his house. After he had a fire years ago, the damage was never cleaned up. He did have a guy that plowed his driveway though.

Anyway, this one night I was on late shift so I stayed up late and my light was on, so someone kept ringing my door bell. At first I did not really want to answer the door at that time then realize I better look outside. I see 2 cop cars! I better answer that door...

So I go answer and a cop is at my door and asks me some questions about the neighbor such as when the last time I saw him etc...

Long story short, they found him dead in his house. A later autopsy found it was lung cancer that killed him. He was a heavy smoker, and he was also a doctor, and refused any treatment. Turns out he had been very sick for the past month and calling in sick at work. The secretary was concerned and got the cops involved, as she had not heard from him in a while.

Now someone else owns the house and they've been doing some major cleaning. It was very filthy in there as he smoked and drank like crazy. His mother actually died in there many years back, and he left her there until the cops found the body. She also pooped all over the house and stuff and he left her be. (She was ill). Overall weird guy, and he's now gone. It's sad really. He was very anti social, did not have any family or anything. Yet, he was a nice person when he did talk, and I would imagine he was more sociable during his job. He did take great passion on the job, he just did not care about his social or after work life.

To change the tone, slightly, here's some snow pics of February:
You'll notice his unshovelled stairs.

And now it's finally melting:
I also threw in a picture of a dumpster from the cleanup.

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