Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I got promoted from help desk technician to Level 3 server technician. This is the position I've been wanting, and the opportunity came where they needed another L3 tech, so I was offered it on the spot. This was a few weeks ago, and now today was official.

I'll be dealing with only one customer most of the time, rather then all the other customers. This is a major client mind you, but once I get familiarized with the systems it should go well. Most of the servers are on ESX with an IBM San back end.

There are quite a few complex systems and obscure stuff so it will be challenging at first but I'll get the hang of it. Most of it is familiar as it is a rather standard windows domain environment. Their print setup is the most horrible, as lot of printers are shared on a PC then the print queue points to the share. Hopefully this is something I can take part of fixing as part of a project to improve things.

Funny as today was my first day and the whole spooler kept crashing, taking lot of the ports with it, and had to be re-added. We managed to pin point it to a port entry in the registry that was corrupted.

The best part of this is, no more taking internet calls, or listening to cranky teachers that can't print, or 4:59pm calls from a dialup user. It will be great to be able to actually work on something without being interrupted by customer phone calls. Looking forward to what this new job will have to offer.

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