Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I'm working on converting RunUO to SQL, at this point I'm just studying the existing save system so I can know line per line what goes on during a world save. To make this task easier I decided to wipe the entire data set and just start over, so I can add debugs and stuff and only save a few items instead of hundred of thousands.

So it prompts me for my admin account, I create it, but then I realized I wrote a cleanup script that kills empty accounts! Oops!

Self ownage FTW.

There's a way around that though, the accounts are saved in a XML file so I can just go edit it.

Meanwhile, my cat seems to enjoy this wireless keyboard that's not mine. (hope the customer is not allergic to cats)

"I think part of the bed just sinked"

"Drugz are goooood"

More cat pics:

Now for some snow:

Some people totally freak out at a few inches, what you see here is totally normal for us. If anything, before global warming and all that, we used to get twice as much.

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