Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick checkout lanes

I'm in rant mode right now after what just happened. You know those "8 or less items" check out lanes at No Frills? Well those are for if you have 8 items or less. How many times do I go there strictly to buy a bag of chips, or a case of pop, to find myself waiting behind 3-4 people with carts filled with 200 bucks of groceries. Now some people have the courtesy of letting me ahead considering I only have 2 items but today was a bit different.

I had 2 18 packs, and made the mistake of wearing mitts so it was tricky to carry and was slipping. Here I am standing in front of this lady with a cart full, and I spot my aunt with a few items in front of her so I go up to say hi and start talking. Now being ahead I just lay the pop on the conveyor to give my arms a rest while talking with my aunt and uncle, and I figured may as well just quickly go through at same time as them. This lady comes up to me "weren’t you at the end? You arrogant prick!" So I stare at her cart that's filled to the top but I should have pointed to the "8 or less items" sign, and mention I only have 2 items and that I was let through. She starts spazing out, so I just let her go before she turns into incredible hulk or something. But come on, learn to read, and practice math! 8 items is not going to fill a whole cart up to the top. Use the other lanes if you're stocking up for a nuclear war.

Passing in front is one thing, but failing to read signs that clearly say "8 or less items" is another. I see people do this all the time too. I think no frills and any other store who has such lane should actually enforce it. If they see you have more then 8 items, they'd tell you to go to next lane. They could also set it up where you can't fit a cart through. Problem is customers would retaliate, leave their cart right in middle of the place and go to another store. People can be pricks like that. But if every store enforces it, people will be forced to actually use that lane only if they have 8 items. (or whatever the number says).

Anyone else hate these people who abuse that quick check out lane? It's one of those things that just drives me nuts.

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