Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is probably not suppose to happen (screenshot)

Brings me to a database setup screen. :P

Been a few days.

People should really learn a bit more before they start a website. Clearly, they don't know how to properly upgrade something so that it's seemless to the user. Not sure what is suppose to be on that site, just ran accross it. Guessing it's a registrar for .mobi domains so yeah, would not trust a domain with them if they really are a registrar.

Then there's this which I posted a while back: (screenshot)

Been like this for MONTHS. How can people be this stupid to let this happen on their site, and worse, let it happen for this long? I can haz password? oh hai, is right there!

They're totally giving the world their database password by doing something like this.

Epic fail.

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