Friday, January 9, 2009

ServerWeave update and more stuff

I dug myself out of the code hole of data validation, and nearly done the reimplementation on the two existing modules. I'll retest and ensure it's good, then move on to DNS. With this new validation system the other modules should be a brease, hopefully. I drastically cleaned up the user data submit code.

Here are some basic screenshots, not much yet as far as features but for now I'm simply looking for a very basic webhost functionality. I will add more as I go, such as SSL capabilities and what not.

User manager
Virtual host edit

Also, here's something very funny. A very long time ago I registered at a site called Bitbender. Now this was owned by some redneck and he happened to hate squirrels. (how can you hate squirrels, they're so cute and fluffy) and banned me like, right away LOL. I decided to stir up some crap but probably went too far.

He made a site called and had my picture on it, photoshopped with porn. I was doing a search while coding and some file came up from my document's folder and it reminded me of that incident. For kicks I checked what was on that domain (I had legally got it shut down originally) and it was expired!

Sooooooo... I decided to register it. I don't want to stir up crap with them though as it's been so long, but I put it at a better use, and I'll let you find out that one. :)

Lastly, in my quest to go for the gold, I am less then 100 days away of having a 1 year uptime on my dedicated server.

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