Saturday, January 17, 2009


Got this in an email today and found it amusing.

1-Accesses in to Router by the address IP:

2-Change Password by default ADMIN (ask to the customer that he supplies you one with it)

3-Identification of the SSID (the name which the customer wants for his network Wireless)

4-Creation of a key of encryptions with 26 characters (asks and proposes in one)

5- Make test of connectivity by using Pc of the technician with LAN and Wireless

6- Register in the guide details and give to the customer – Password (route), the SSID and the Key of encryptions

7- Tell to the customer who is responsible for keeping in a security way for later use.
8- Keep a modem Wireless " spare " in your vehicles for in case of repair

New movie coming soon:

In this action packed movie, two IT staff members struggle as they figure out the WEP access code for the corporate network that customers keep calling about, till one day, one realizes that WEP is easy to crack. After many pain steaking and adrenaline rush adventures, they manage to crack THE SYSTEM. With this, they retrive, THE KEY OF ENCRYPTIONS. With this magical key, the code of wisdom is hacked, and the world is freed. Rated P-13, viewer discretion advised.

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