Friday, January 30, 2009

Only I manage to screw up linux this bad...

Fresh install of Fedora 8. No clue how this happened.

Monday, January 26, 2009

UO Gateway is, or was, a very popular program. The owner, Mr. Fixit lost interest in the project and let the domain expire.

About a year ago RunUO managed to get the domain but they never bothered to do anything with it. They ended up letting it expire and it went to the auction.

Today, I got the domain. It costed me $653. I was minute bidding against this one other person so as a last and final attempt I decided to up the bid by about 100 bucks and managed to win it.

I have a possible idea of what to do with it, but my main reason for getting it is so it did not turn into some crappy ad site. Unlike RunUO, I'll make sure there's actually a DNS record for it. ;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sick of VMware 2.0

It's a POS, and I don't mean Point of Sale System.

1.0 was a great product. 2.0 is pure crap. Not so much the back end, it's the front end that's horrible.

Here's something funny, I went to uninstall vmware tools within Virtual Box but it refused to uninstall because apparently you have to be in VMware to uninstall. Who is the one that engineered that? LOL. Seriously.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should I eat this?

Ever ask yourself, "should I eat this?"
Not because of the fact that it has too many calories, or is unhealthy, but because it's been sitting there for who knows how long, but regardless, is looking out at you.

Today, that happened to me. I left a cookie on my desk overnight and now, 24 hours later, it was still there, looking out at me.

To make things interesting I made a poll. Results came in, and I ate it. Nomnomnomnom!

Atot approves:



So next time you ask yourself, "should I eat this?" You probably should.

Boredom. It makes you post weird stuff like this and go Nomnomnom

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Financial Failure

In a Enron style economy, there are those who are doing their best to try to survive. Some simply can't survive due to past mistakes.

Then, there's retards.

It is retards like this guy who make it so spam email still exists, as well as viruses, scams etc. If nobody fell for this crap, the spammers would probably stop.

I feel sorry for this family though. I'm sure if he did retard moves like this one, it was not the first, and it was not the last.

People like that need to be fixed asap so they can't reproduce.

Nigeria: 1
Retards: 0

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Got this in an email today and found it amusing.

1-Accesses in to Router by the address IP:

2-Change Password by default ADMIN (ask to the customer that he supplies you one with it)

3-Identification of the SSID (the name which the customer wants for his network Wireless)

4-Creation of a key of encryptions with 26 characters (asks and proposes in one)

5- Make test of connectivity by using Pc of the technician with LAN and Wireless

6- Register in the guide details and give to the customer – Password (route), the SSID and the Key of encryptions

7- Tell to the customer who is responsible for keeping in a security way for later use.
8- Keep a modem Wireless " spare " in your vehicles for in case of repair

New movie coming soon:

In this action packed movie, two IT staff members struggle as they figure out the WEP access code for the corporate network that customers keep calling about, till one day, one realizes that WEP is easy to crack. After many pain steaking and adrenaline rush adventures, they manage to crack THE SYSTEM. With this, they retrive, THE KEY OF ENCRYPTIONS. With this magical key, the code of wisdom is hacked, and the world is freed. Rated P-13, viewer discretion advised.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I took these not too long ago, this is what our winters are like around here. They were worse before global warming really gave a toll on the planet, but regardless we still get quite a lot of snow.

BART police shooting video

A better quality one has leaked. It is being pulled off sites such as youtube so if you link to it, link to this blog post as I will be sure to add another link if this one is pulled.

BART Police shoots person in back

This is probably not suppose to happen (screenshot)

Brings me to a database setup screen. :P

Been a few days.

People should really learn a bit more before they start a website. Clearly, they don't know how to properly upgrade something so that it's seemless to the user. Not sure what is suppose to be on that site, just ran accross it. Guessing it's a registrar for .mobi domains so yeah, would not trust a domain with them if they really are a registrar.

Then there's this which I posted a while back: (screenshot)

Been like this for MONTHS. How can people be this stupid to let this happen on their site, and worse, let it happen for this long? I can haz password? oh hai, is right there!

They're totally giving the world their database password by doing something like this.

Epic fail.

Friday, January 9, 2009

ServerWeave update and more stuff

I dug myself out of the code hole of data validation, and nearly done the reimplementation on the two existing modules. I'll retest and ensure it's good, then move on to DNS. With this new validation system the other modules should be a brease, hopefully. I drastically cleaned up the user data submit code.

Here are some basic screenshots, not much yet as far as features but for now I'm simply looking for a very basic webhost functionality. I will add more as I go, such as SSL capabilities and what not.

User manager
Virtual host edit

Also, here's something very funny. A very long time ago I registered at a site called Bitbender. Now this was owned by some redneck and he happened to hate squirrels. (how can you hate squirrels, they're so cute and fluffy) and banned me like, right away LOL. I decided to stir up some crap but probably went too far.

He made a site called and had my picture on it, photoshopped with porn. I was doing a search while coding and some file came up from my document's folder and it reminded me of that incident. For kicks I checked what was on that domain (I had legally got it shut down originally) and it was expired!

Sooooooo... I decided to register it. I don't want to stir up crap with them though as it's been so long, but I put it at a better use, and I'll let you find out that one. :)

Lastly, in my quest to go for the gold, I am less then 100 days away of having a 1 year uptime on my dedicated server.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ServerWeave progress

Unfortunatly I'm falling way behind schedule.

The biggest barrier is data validation. There's just so much of it to do and I lost track of how to properly organize the code for it. It's turned into a real mess and I need to try and clean it up or if I go on it will only get worse.

The issue with data validation is that the same type of data needs to be checked, but all in different ways. So I find myself repeating code all the time but with slight changes.

For example when a new virtual host is set, I have to first make sure it's a valid domain string, then I have to check that no virtual host entry exists, then I have to check that if it's a sub domain, that the user owns the domain etc... that's just for adding a new virtual host.

Now what if I want to edit a virtual host? It's nearly the same, BUT, I cant check if it already exists, because obviously it will exist considering it's being edited. So that stops me from reusing code by writing a function or class.

You get the idea.

So yeah, it's a mess. At this point I figure if I can land myself out of the data validation mess by end of tomorrow I'll be happy. Really, it has been slowing me down for a while now. Everytime I add a new field, turns out I need to validate it, in some different way. Makes for really messy form submission code. There's got to be a way to make this cleaner.

Almost got banned for Rickrolling

Rick Rolling, a rather new internet phenomenon. I wont go in more details, that's what Wikipedia is for.

Basically I Rickrolled on a forum and nearly got banned for it. Hilarious. I already got banned for quoting a very large post about the Jan 1st birthday forum bug - showed ALL 50k+ users having a birthday so a user decided to copy and paste it in a new thread.

I quoted it. BAN.

Now I almost got banned for Rick Rolling. I've been banned from many forums, but this would top it as far as reason hilarity goes.

Link to the post

Ok, ok, a real link this time, I promise.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yay week off!

Time to put some serious progress on ServerWeave.

I'm hoping to actually get it in a production worthy state for my own use, so basically have everything work, but no real security. From there I can start adding more security (so users can't screw up other's settings, stuff like that)

I'm hoping to have these fully working:
- apache (pretty much done but may want more features like specify port/ip/ssl)
- bind
- user manager
- email
- backups (admin side, to backup whole server)

As of right now there are 3724 lines of code in 134 files.

Lets see what that number stands at in a week from now.