Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uptime: It's not rocket science

I've always been stumped at how some people just have trouble keeping a server up, worse yet, those that don't have a proper plan if it goes down, which happens.

In the past, 2 days, I've witnessed two Ultima Online servers go down, for hours. :O

There is no reason for a server to be down that long. If a HDD fails and it's not a raid, then there should be a very good plan to recover as fast as possible. 1-2 hours MAX. With raid, there is no reason why it should take more then an hour if something else goes wrong.

I will admit, my online production server has NO raid, however, I have everything documented in the case of a failure, so I can be up and running ASAP.

Also, backups are your friends. Automatic backups. No excuse.

That said, this is my uptime.

I'm aiming to pass 1 year. This server has been rebooted once, and it was the day after it was deployed. I did a reboot to test that everything works properly after a reboot, so I don't get any surprises in the future if I do have to reboot. (such as a service not set to start, and it reboots when I'm not around).

This server is hosted at The Planet and their service and support have been great.


Bryan C. Fleming said...

You would think they would be using an uptime monitoring service (I use http://www.internetuptimemonitor.com). That way they could fix the problem within a few minutes.

BTW - Nice Uptime on your server. 230 days is pretty amazing!

Red Squirrel said...

Good point, especially if they have a cell or other mobile device they could have alerts sent there.

In fact I don't use such system and probably should (will code one eventually), but then again I only have one server and if it goes down I'll know fairly quick. I go to one of my sites at least once every hour. Though the issue I could run into is if it goes down and I'm at work.

But even then I could quickly fix up something so there's at least a status page of some sort to tell everyone I'm aware and I will be working on it asap. Lot of people tend to like to leave you in the dark when their service goes down.