Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Serverweave progress update

Some good news!

I just got my first sign of functionality out of the system. There is now a task that runs every 15 minutes to regenerate the config files for apache (and all other daemons once I get there). It works. I can now set virtual hosts and they get written to the config file. Later on I can add more options to assign vhosts to a port/IP but for now I'm staying basic.

I will soon be able to move on to DNS, which should be fairly easy.

The tough one will be email. Once those 3 work, I will pretty much have a basic web hosting system going. From there I'll setup FTP and SSH. Mysql in there somewhere.

The system is at 3448 lines of code and 122 files now.

In other news I registered www.clientweave.com as well which in the future may be used for a client portion of serverweave. I will eventually add in some features such as deployment, backup and other tasks that could affect workstations, so there may be a lightweight system that will be installed on windows clients to make them easier to manage. We'll see. No official plans yet.

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