Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have lot of stuff planned for 2009 such as the start and completion of a total revamp of Age of Valor, as well as the completion of ServerWeave and the start of a small hosting company on the side for extra cash.

I might even open up a SBBS file in notepad++ and MAYBE change some code.

Seriously, I need to finish that one day. It has lot of features other free forums don't have. I just got tied up with other application projects and lost interest.

As for tonight, it turned into a super boring NYE. I even took an earlier shift (usually work 12:30-9:00) so I can be home early. But I should of just sticked with the 9:00pm shift. We're doing absolutely nothing this year. Normally we at least rent a movie, or maybe visit family or go out to the restaurant. This year, my mom is cleaning the house. AGAIN! She is obsessed, it's brutal - HOURS of vacuuming not to mention all the chemicals. Nothing worse then hearing a 10,000rpm AC motor for hours on end, combined with the torturous smell of all sorts of chemicals.

The house was cleaned not even a week ago, it's already clean, sit down or something. geez.

But other then that, all is good, and I wish everyone a happy new year! Don't drink too much, and if you drink anything at all, don't drive!

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