Thursday, November 13, 2008

ServerWeave sneak preview / screenshots

I added lot of packet handling and UI stuff to the web client so far. I'm not really concentrating on prettiness at this point, only consistency like assigning right CSS class to right elements, and so on. I will probably come up with better colors then gray, though it's kind of growing on me... that logo has to go though. :P

You will also notice on the left, the debug info outputted while displaying that page. At debuglevel=5 all packet contents is shown. In fact, I just noticed now, my log is 9MB big.

Anyway, on with the screenshots!

Module list - this will probably show up as icons (sorta like cpanel)
Errors - packet handling issue
Table - the heart of the system: tables.
More stuff in a table

These are all generated in the back end, the client simply knows how to read the packets and how to display them. The beauty of this is that a C++ class will be able to generate tables on the fly and send to client to display variable data.

The downside is that all data will be stored in memory during this time... but I can probably make it so variable data has pages, so for example when displaying a list of virtual hosts, it will only show 50 at a time, or something.

All in all, there is good progress going on. Tomorrow I should be able to work on data submission so server can get data from the client.

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