Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Misc ServerWeave progress stuff

I'm still in slacking mode and not coding at 100% speed but getting somewhere at least.

I've completed the logon process handling. Everything works great and is very stable so far.

You can see [here] a sneak preview of the (still very basic looking) login screen and some logging on the side of a few attempts which I purposely failed.

There is about 1500 lines of code so far in the back end. As far as the client goes I probably wont be running an inventory system to track the development of it as it is not really counting. I am also trying to make the client as simple as possible so all the work happens on the back end portion. The idea is I want to make it possible for people to write 3rd party clients such as a windows/linux GUI one that connects directly, just to keep the options open, and stuff.

The client will basically receive packets on how the data should be displayed and what data should be displayed, then client will send how to change it (ex: changing a setting and submitting it). I may even throw in some ajax at some point. I want to make it slick and easy to use.

There's one major bug I have not had a chance to look at yet though. Say the SQL server connection is lost, you're dead in the water and have to restart the daemon...


Nasty stuff. I can probably find a function to check connectivity before performing a query though.

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