Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Irate customers

If you've worked in tech support you've talked to these people at least once I'm sure.

There are several types, some are just plain assholes, others are very clueless about life, and are assholes about it. Some are just plain crazy and don't even know what they even want. They'll just call and rage.

Today I had one of the clueless ones. This guy calls in saying someone keeps faxing his phone every 5 minutes. He used *67 to trace the call which ended up coming from somewhere in Toronto area. WAY outside our territory. This guy is getting pissed off at us because it's happening. I advise him there is simply nothing we can do as it is not even coming from our systems. It's not possible to do anything about it but wait, from a technical side of things, and even if we could, we would not legally be able to do anything about it. Something like this, you get the police involved.

So he hangs up. Later on he calls back saying it's still doing it, I advised him again, there is nothing we can do. He started raging and wanting to talk to my supervisor. This was at 7:30am. Managers along with 95% of every other person out there starts at 8:00 or 8:30. This guy rages even more when I tell him he is not in.

He starts raving about how he's losing business over this.

First of all, who in the world will be calling a business at 7:30am? This is in a town with a population of like 300. I doubt they even get more then 2 calls a day. Go to bed!

Then this is the funny part. I told him I'm guessing it's someone who set their fax to auto send and left for coffee or something, then he's all "what? so you guys only deal on a guess basis and not on facts?" Oooooooooo Kkkkkkkkkk, so I'm suppose to just KNOW, what some guy 900km from me is THINKING. I did not realize mind reading and other magic tricks were a requirement for tech support, but apparently people think we have it.

Then you got people that call and think we can see their screen, or their desk. WTF people? Or people think that we can remotely fix a physical network issue such as an unplugged cable. "Can't you just remote in and do it?" Yes, I can remotely move a physical object I can't even see. If I send the right signal to your modem it will generate the proper atomic reaction that will cause the molecules around to move in a certain way to plug the cable back in. I don't even know the IP of the modem because you're too stupid to know how to give me it and unwiling to do ipconfig, but if I just say a few magic words while moving my wand, it will automatically get punched in my program! The joys of modern technology!

Maybe if they took warning labels off stuff, we could get rid of people like this. These are the people that keep this job interesting though. It may be frustrating while on such a call but it's something to laugh about later.

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