Monday, November 10, 2008

Crappy software

Why is it that so many businesses use some of the crappiest software? It's seen in all sorts of industries from telecom to travel agencies. Usually they are very hard to install apps, very complex, badly documented, non standard (unlike many MS apps that people tend to hate - at least it's standard and has lot of support)

Today I had to deal with an app suite called Galileo, used by a travel agency that is our new customer for IT managed services. Transfering this thing to a new PC is quite a beasty task. First off, they have no install files for it and their support says it's on their site, but it has about 20 "sub apps" that are required and they are nowhere to be found.

A full day, hardly no progress done. I pretty much went nuts, literally...

It field can be nice, but it sure comes with some nightmares sometimes.

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