Friday, October 24, 2008

ServerWeave progress update

I did some major shifting around as to how header files are organized. Using a custom tool I coded called cpinventory which inventories includes, I made it easier and faster for me to add new files without having to start including them all over the place. Basically this inventory program does a few things:

1: Adds a header to each file indicating what it's for
2: When it was last modified and who, number of lines,
3:keeps track of the description if I put a Description: header before running the inventory.
4: and most importantly creates two files, includes.h and sources.h which contain include directives of all the files. In some cases I have to include within includes but I have it setup so there wont be duplicates and I try to use forward declarations as much as possible. In most cases just seperating prototypes from source helps a lot

As far as the actual progress not much functionability yet, but these last organization changes will really speed things up. So far the inventory shows this:

Inventory and header tagging completed

Files: 30
Folders: 10
Lines of code: 1088
Previous lines of code: 1041
Lines added: 47

I plan to write lot of the packet handlers tonight and possibly the packets themselves too. Working on the base class as I speak.

Lastly, this cppinventory program will be usable for Age of Valor scripts too so we can keep track of who a file was modified by and when. Well the when part is tricky as I have not coded a date/time class yet but will be easy to add it in later.

In other news I bought some cookie dough so I'll probably bake some cookies tonight. I don't think I've ever done that before hopefully I don't make them extra crispy and extra dark. :P

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