Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I started on the network handling portion of ServerWeave. It now listens on a specified port. Does not really do anything with the packets yet, but the general code is there. I'm actually slacking TBH. It's been a few weeks and this is all I got...

Inventory and header tagging completed

Files: 31
Folders: 8
Lines of code: 842
Previous lines of code: 842
Lines added: 0

Getting there though. The core is the part of a program that holds the biggest challenges and requires lot of planning. So there's more thinking then actual coding going on. So far I have a rather solid design framework and I'm always trying to think of ways to improve it before I keep adding more components.

I also setup the inventory program to auto gen a .h file that has all the .cpp files so I'm spending less time manipulating what files to compile and stuff.

In other news, some retard from was spamming dumb crap on anythingforums.com and just flooding the whole forum. Little did he know I have a tool in place that cleans up a mess like that in about 0.1 seconds, AND bans the account. He did it 4 times right in front of me. So I reported him to his ISP. Writing that email took longer then cleaning up his 100+ posts. He'll have to try harder.

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