Friday, October 10, 2008

Disk space!

It sure is nice having lot of Disk space. I don't have much more to say, just wanted to show off my new raid 5 array. :P With how cheap drives are now I'm sure some people have me beat, but I can say its 5 times more space then I had before!

Also keep in mind in that screenshot the shared drives that have the same size are the same disk, so no, they're not individual 2B arrays.


Anonymous said...

That’s insane!

But how much do you actually use? :p

Anonymous said...

I overlooked your last paragraph, but still….

Red Squirrel said...

TBH lot of it is backups. And backups of backups. Lot of it is also junk that I just have no reason to clean out and may possibly need later on.

Also my VMs are on there and I use preallocated disks. So a 40GB VM actually uses 40GB. There are 10 VMs running right now on the server. Only a few are production rest is just messing around and such.