Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yeah, so looks like I got a failing hard drive...

Problem is, it's not really technically failed. It's just VERY VERY slow. My raid has been performing horrendously so was wondering why. With help of people at Anandtech we ruled that it was /dev/sdc that was slow. That turns out to be one of my newest seagate drives too! SMART is not showing any signs of failures.

So figured I'd rule out the backplane slot so I put it in another slot and proceeded to rebuild the raid. Lets just say that did not go too well... Though I'm fearing it may even be the backplane, I was moving drives around to see and does not look too good.

But either way this is going to cost even more money. This is madness!

Never again am I building my own server. A dell poweredge sounds more affordable, considering you take it out of the box and don't have to spend more money because half the stuff does not work.

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