Monday, September 29, 2008

Not so bad after all

Server load stats can be deceiving. I'm running 7 VMs and the system is barely taking any hit.

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I played with the drives yesterday and the one that was reporting slow is no longer reporting slow. But now another one is.... I was starting to fear a back plane issue but it turned out to be a drive name mix up so it would not pickup any new drives in the slot I was trying.

Reboot wins again!

Think I can safely leave the server at that. I can deal with this i/o issue considering its only affecting server stats, not so much performance. The backup jobs kill the server though but those happen at night anyway...

So think all is good, and God was with me as I struggled to get this working. It could of been much worse.

Now I need continue to code my hosting control panel. I still need to find a good name for it. It's hard to code something that does not have a name yet. I've been refering to it as "controlpanel" in my code so far. I officially started on it yesterday before I did that hdd swap thing to see if the back plane was at fault.

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